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Hello, We have 2 adult lorikeets that have had a baby, I’d say the baby is around 5 weeks old, we check on almost everyday to see how it’s going. When I checked on it it is always on its feet and standing but when I checked it yesterday it was on its side and barely moving, last night it was chirping and making noises. But today it’s on its still on its side and it’s barely moving. Me and my Mum want to take it out as we don’t want it to die especially since it’s made it this far. But we also have no idea on how to hand raise it. I’ve tried looking information up online but nothing I’ve found that will actually help.
So I’ve got some questions if I could please get back some answers that would be great.

firstly do we take it out or leave it with parents? If not then

1.) What do we keep it in?

2.) Do we need an incubator?

3.) What do we feed it and when?

If we could also just get any other advice or things you Know that will be great help. We have no idea on what to do.

thanks much appreciated
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