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Birdie Road Bird Room Tour...

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Since things are always changing in there, I do like to make video updates of my bird's little playground! I have a ceramic tile floor, easy to clean, and my hubby put in an air filtration fan. There is also the door to the outside deck which I open, when the birds are caged, turn on the air filter, and it brings clean air all the way through the room. I, and my little flock ,just love this room!
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That is my dream bird room. If I should outlive my hubby, that is what his office might look like someday. Heidy, I love all the bridges and boings and ropes and toys. What lucky birds you have.
Their room looks wonderful, they certainly have plenty to keep them occupied in there. You've got everything covered, right down to evacuation cages. :thumbsup: They're very lucky little birdies. :)
What a great room!! I wish I could have one! I like the glass doors into the room, you can still see your birds when you're in your living room. That is a neat set up! What lucky fids you have!
Thank you very much!
how cool is that!!!!!!
What a wonderful room. Your birds are very lucky. I'm jealous and so are my birds :yesnod:
I am sooo jealous! I LOVE your bird room! It is my dream! :D

Although I want a pet room lol! I want a room where I can keep my birds and allow them to be flighted, but also have my gerbils, (someday) red-footed tortoise, and(someday) bearded dragon :D

Thanks for sharing! your fids are lucky birdies!

I love that room Heidy, makes me a little jealous. I want to know how that job is going????? Your pretty brave to attempt it.
The job is HARD Patty! Thanks for asking! For others....I am bird sitting over 300 beautiful Gouldian Finches in 60 cages for a breeder nearby....on 3 floors. Quite an experience!
So cool!:thumbsup: I'd love one like that but I'll never talk my hubby into it!
That's a great space, and it's wonderful that you can see them so well from the rest of the house.
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