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Birdsworth is what I named a baby sparrow I found near-dead on the side of my house and nursed to health. She became my first pet bird in recent years, and got me back into the pet bird thing.
It was pretty amazing she even made it, the poor thing was busted up bad and I had to force feed her a couple times before she could eat normally.

I haven't seen her in months and just recently made a remark about her being an ingrate for not visiting. :p
So there's a line of sparrows on my fence, when I go out to take the garbage out. One of them was looking like it wanted to dart at me with her head down, so for the heck of it I whistled, and that was all the coaxing she needed. Flew right to my hand like old times. :)
That made my day.

Here's Birdsworth, btw. (two pics and vid)

[ame=""]YouTube - Birdsword the sparrow returning from the wild[/ame]

Wow. It's been months and I really thought she was done with humanity for good, but I must say this was touching. Um. In a very masculine kind of way...
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That's really something that she's still tame after all this time.
What a cute story :), the ingrate returns :giggle:. You should be proud, Joe "Doolittle" :p, it's really something special that she remembered you, and still trusted you. :thumbsup:
I loved the video :lovehearts:
Btw that is not a new video, just posted it as a reference.
I'm pretty impressed and amazed that she remembers me or even cares to come near me after all this time in the wild. I do hope I'm the only person she'll still come to, though.
What a sweet story. I bet that does make your day.
Wow.. Really, just wow. That's really something, Joe. It kind of makes me want to go out, find a baby sparrow, and raise it. :p

Looks like you got a real good friend, there. :)
Thats great! :D
What a cute story, the little sparrow must have loved you.
And i bet it sure was grateful for you to raise it back to it's full health.
It was good of you to take the sparrow in and let it regain it's health, then let it go. Good job. :D
I love sparrows. They're always chirping happily, and flying around in the tree behind my balcony. She must love you very much, Joe! :lovehearts:
That's heart warming!!!:)
That is so awesome. It must have been great for you for her to come back and visit. Don't they say that sparrows always come home? Or is that swallows?? Very cool!

Joe, that is friggin amazing. LOL And I really mean it. You must have the magic touch.
That is amazing! She still remembers you and trusts you enough to perch on your finger! Congrats! :D
what a sweet story :)
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