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Blue Quakers

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Anybody have one? I have always been intrigued and fascinated by the beautiful vibrant blue that blue quakers are. I also think I've read/heard that they are a fair bit different then regular quakers in regards to behavior.
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I have a blue quaker and she is a clown, sometimes she is called a bag lady because of all her stuff in her cage. her cage is three foot high and she used every inch. She carries thing all over her cage. She has a yogurt box and she sleeps in it. Still has a happyhut, but she is in love with this box. She elevates it with her goodies, she has stuff on top, inside, she is so darn cute to just watch her. She jabbers all the time, talks very plain. what's my baby doing, don't bit me, don't bite my nose, I love you, she says Ruby, my CAG. She and Ruby have a special bond. They love each other but only through the cage. She is a joy, she's in my signature.
I don't own a blue quaker, but we carry them in the shop. We have one right now who is an absolute doll! She likes to hide inside my shirt and chatter at me, she's 4 months old and picking up kissy noises, purring, and hello :lovehearts:

Blue quakers do act a little different then the greens... the ones we've had in seem to be a little more shy and not as 'bird friendly.' They don't really want to spend time with the greens! If I have 2 blues, they will play together, but even raised together the blues don't seem to have much patience for the greens! :rolleyes: They also seem to wean faster, for some reason! :lol: But that's just been my experience in the pet store.
Patty, I am looking at the picture in your siggy and I can't tell for sure. Is BooBo actually blue where the normal quakers are green? And do they call the normal quakers just quakers or are they called green quakers?
Yes, Nancy Boobo is a blue quaker and as far as I know the green ones are just referred to as quakers. I have a green one to that isn't in my signature. It's name is "Runt" and was hatched in May, it was unplanned~~~I was handfeeding it for a friend and she decided she didn't want it so she gave it to me cage and all. This happens quite often to me. heheheheh I'm so lucky.
There's a blue quaker in the pet store I work at and he/she is a doll! S/he's not a fan of fingers being poked through the bars of the cage, but s/he loves scritches and riding around on your chest and talks up a storm! hi, hello, step up, i love you, pretty bird, and good bird are some of the phrases s/he can say
I don't own a blue quaker ( they're illegal here ) :(, but I do think they're absolutely beautiful :lovehearts:
I know lots of people have them and they are so adorable, but im partial to parrotlets
Patty, I am looking at the picture in your siggy and I can't tell for sure. Is BooBo actually blue where the normal quakers are green? And do they call the normal quakers just quakers or are they called green quakers?
Well the normal, natural color of quakers is green. Blue quakers are mutations... so unless you are discussing the specific mutations, "quaker" normally refers to the normal/green quakers.

I guess green quakers can be referred to as either "green" or "normal". :shrug:
I've been interested in quakers and have had confirmation from a couple people with actual experience in the birds that (each is individual, blah, blah, etc eh ;)) greens are more likely to be adept talkers, whereas blues are more likely to be calmer and cuddlier.

Most topics on quakers make me jealous. Quakers.
In my experience, Blues are much calmer, and seem to mature faster. They don't seem to talk quite as much as the greens, but that depends a lot on the individual bird. If I do get a quaker, I would look for a Blue! :D
I have a blue Quaker.

I don't believe that the greens talk better/more. My Quaker actually talks non stop now, he used to be a screamer but now all he ever does is talks, word after word, mostly repeating everything.

I know a breeder who breeds Quakers and they've had both blue and green and their blue ones have talked just as much as the greens - then again I guess it also depends on the Quaker its self. I also believe both are pretty affectionate.

In the end it doesn't matter what color you get (though blues tend to be a bit more pricey - well here they are) if you get one that's been hand fed and hand raised, you're still going to have a fun, intelligent, affectionate and hilarious bird. :)
I know several people who have blues and greens and they have told me that they have never noticed much difference.

I have been wanting a blue forever. Mainly because I lost my quaker Bobby to egg binding it broke my heart so badly that even after 9 years I think having another green as a pet might be hard. But I miss having a quaker as a pet.

I do have two greens as breeders Reno and Cheyenne. I can't handle them they were parent raised and bite hard.
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