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Budgie pics!!

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Here are some budgie pix. <3

Jiggy loves his toy!! ~

Here he is sleeping. ^_^

Lolly posing...

And Jiggy again =)

They are just soo cute and i love them soo much!! :lovehearts:
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Awww! what cute budgies :D
The first picture is a professional shot! Great job!
Fabulous pictures...TFS! :lovehearts:
Great pics!!! really cute bugs :lovehearts:
how sweet...I love the last pic - picture perfect!
thanks!! I love taking their pics, they are all so cute <3
Adorable! :lovehearts:t
Oops! Piglet was helping me type, jumped on the key board when I hit 'submit reply'. :biggrin5:
lol cute!! and thanks (both of you XD)
thanks!!! ;)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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