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Budgies, Sierra and Reiko - 8 Eggies!

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Arrived this afternoon!

I wasn't expecting this at all - I have been giving her extra pellets, veggies, cuttle fish, mineral block and tomorrow I'm gonna give them some scrambled eggs.


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Aww yippee! I hope it works out for you!
Just got a photo while she was out


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Congratulations!! Sending fertile thoughts your way!!:biggrin5:
I bet they will have some cute babies :) I thought Sierra and Reiko are both under one year old, naughty birds
Egg #3 was laid last night! #4 is due tomorrow night.

Can anyone tell me if any are fertile? I though one was but I don't know.


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Congrats! :clap: I honestly don't know how to tell fertility with budgie eggs - would you be able to candle them like the larger eggs? I've seen people do that with linnie eggs, but budgie eggs are so tiny! :giggle:
Lmao! I read they go a solid white, only one is white at the moment, the other two are pinkish. Just wanted to see if anyone knew if that is wrong or not.

Egg #1 November 4th
Egg #2 November 6th
Egg #3 November 8th
Egg #4 November 10th - due to be laid today
How many eggs do budgies normally lay? 4?

I wish you luck! Can't wait to see pictures of them growing up!
They can lay up to 6. :eek:

If she lays at least 4-5 I hope at least 2 or 3 of them will be fertile.. I promised my little brother one for Christmas.
She just laid egg #4 about 20 mins ago. :yahoo:

I can't get a photo yet, she hasn't left the nestbox lol.. lots of work for her now!
Congratulations!!! Can you candle the eggs to tell if they're fertile? Linnie eggs are about 3/4 of an inch long and I can candle them. Usually can see veins at about 4-5 days. Good Luck!!!
I'm too scared I'll do something wrong. :lol: I am just gonna leave them and if they hatch, they hatch! Egg #1 is due to hatch next Friday. :)
Here's a photo of the 4 eggs. She's due to lay another one today. :biggrin5:


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Annnd #5 is here. :yikes: I think there may be more.. :)
humm , looks like one maybe fertile.
I suggest candling tho. :)
they are going to be VERY cute
Well I candled them, 2 are still too early to tell, but out of the 3 only one looked fertile from what I could see. There was an air sac? is that right?
#6 was laid about 30 mins ago. :eek:
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