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Burrowing Parrot aka Patagonian Conure

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Burrowing Parrots aka Patagonian Conure

This grassland parrot makes its nests in the cliffs in Argentina as well as other South American countries. They burrow into the sides of limestone, sandstone and earth. They excavate their burrows by tunneling into the faces of cliffs. Pairs of conures will reuse their burrow just making them bigger each year. They do not use nesting material but just lay their eggs on the bottom of the chamber. The burrows are very close and can interconnect.
They lay one clutch per season. And the male and the female help take care of the young.
the numbers of these parrots are declining due to the fact they are thought to be a crop pest and are hunted and nests poisoned. The grasslands where they feed are being turned into crop lands. And they are being trapped and sold frequently in Europe.
The fate of this bird has been compared to the fate of the Carolina Parakeet which became extinct in the early 1900’s. The World Land Trust is working to prevent this from happening.
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We have visited one of these awesome birds at our favorite shop. She is a second chance bird and a sweet bird. We are thinking about it.....
Patty's have to be one of the coolest of the conures... even though their plumage isn't as great as other conures... their head and characteristics so make up for it!
I love patagonian conures.
I saw them the other day on a wildlife program and I was trying to remember what they were.
I was shouting out every type of bird I could think of but I finally got there!:lol:
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