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Christmas cages

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I got Spike and the other birds some Christmas toys for their cages. So their cages will look nice and decorated for Christmas aswell as the house :lol:
Here is what they got
Spike got
a Santa toy and a candy cane toy

Storm got
a Santa toy aswell and her own Christmas tree

Icarus got a bell penguin

I also got the birds a thermometer, that also shows the humidity. I have it near their cages, it was only $10. Anyone know what a good humidity is for birds?

You can see Spike using his crest as a little sun visor as it says that it is fairly sunny outside :p
I also went to a parrot conference today and picked a few things up

the nutcase toy I have been looking for, it is in the sink because I washed everything I got there.
I also got this dvd :cool:

I got a shirt, socks, bag, and magazine with parrots on them aswell :p They are in the wash :eek:
I even got to meet Robin Shewokis and Barbara Heidenreich :D It was a neat day :cool: If I go next year, I might save up to go to the seminars as they were $130.00 to attend for a day :eek: Iam sure they were well worth the price but I already spent the money on the bird toys and treats I got the birds for Christmas.
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Spike's candy cane is looking not so festive anymore :biggrin5: Icarus loves his penguin :) but Storm thinks her Christmas tree is evil :p

Ohhh Christmas already! No......!!!! :yikes:
Yes it is coming :p I did someones Christmas photos in October, so I know how you feel :lol:
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