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Copy cat

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Here are a few new videos of Spike :biggrin5:

Copy cat, here Spike is trying to copy his new friend :p He then decides he does not really like his new friend. We also try and play peekaboo but I get the silent treatment :rolleyes:
[ame=""]YouTube- Copy cat[/ame]
Bookshelf bird, here I stick Spike on the book shelf with the other birds :p You can hear him do his kiss noise in the first part of the video. He does the kiss noise when he wants some comfort because he is a little scared of the big bird.
[ame=""]YouTube- Bird friends[/ame]
Workaholic, here me and Spike play a bit of peekaboo but then Spike has to go to work, again :rolleyes::p
[ame=""]YouTube- Spike loves his job :p[/ame]

I hope you guys like the videos of Spike :) Sorry some are a bit long :eek:
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Spike is "DA BIRD", he's just toooooo cute :lovehearts:
Awwwww so cute!
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