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Crazy bird lady from Alberta!

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Hi all its great to see alot of members from Canada on this forum ! I belong to a couple other forums and im so pleased to have found another ! I already know a couple of you , and im looking forward to making some new friends!there is nothing I love more than sharing pics and stories about my little flock , and I love to read about yours too!
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So glad you joined Christel! I love your little flock! We can thank Nancy for letting us in on Talk Parrot!
Hello Christel.......Nice to meet you :)
Welcome to the forum Christel! Can't wait to meet your flock! Is that a green cheek on your head?
Hooray. I love familiar faces. Welcome Christel. I am so glad you made your way here.
nope not a green cheek, a pearly!
Hi Christel and welcome! What type of birds do you have? Please share pics!
Hey Christel, welcome to the community!

I can't wait to see pictures of your birdies. :D
Welcome! I know we will all enjoy this new forum!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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