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Do your parrots talk?

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I'd love to know whether anyone has any parrots that talk (which I'm sure you do!)

I just love hearing parrots talk, whether it's the barely audible voice of a little lovebird:i.burubo:, the clear voice of a grey:Tafrgrey:, or the very loud voice of a cockatoo :i.kokisaka: :)giggle:)!

Please tell us what your parrots say, and if you can maybe post a video!

Thanks! :thumbsup:
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I have many birds that talk. 3 of my Cockies talk and another 3 are trying. And 3 of my Corella's talk and one Galah.

Charlie the female Cockie basically just says Hello Darling, Hello My Darling. Her brother Sammy says lots of things including Hey Darling, What You Doing, Hey Charlie and lots more. George Cockie is a real character. He also says Hello Darling, What You Doing, Hello Cockie in a really sweet little girl voice. Plus lots more.

Karl Corella is probably the best talker including phrases like What Do You Think Your Doing, Don't Even Think About It, Well Done Dopey (to the dogs), Where's My Kiss, Night Night, Hello Karl Corella. His big brother Kaspar also says Night Night, Where's My Kiss, We Go To Bed Now. He can sing Happy Birthday and also cheers at the end, he laughs. Karla their little sister is just learning and says Go Away Get Out (to the dogs), Hello Karla. Most of them can also ring the phone and do the ding of the microwave and Kaspar answers the phone with a Hello when I go to answer it.
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[ame=""]YouTube - Poor Nemo, Never Stood A Chance....[/ame]
I'll have to get some new videos of it, but Goober talks up a storm! Here is him saying "hello." He says i love you, hello, goober, pretty bird, hi, does kissy noises, laughs, and all kinds of other noises. He was practicing talking all last night when I tried to go to sleep (his cage is in my room) :lol:

[ame=""]YouTube - Severe Macaw[/ame]
It's actually one of my budgies that talks most and most clear but like the other birds, when I bring a camera around he shuts up. He pretty much picks up what he wants to and doesn't seem to keep a word or phrase long, but he will go into a rambling fit of chirps and words. It's also a little tricky to catch on to when he goes from budgie talk to words. What I didn't expect is that he'd take my words and not emulate my voice like playing back a sound clip but say it in his own voice and speed.

My Linnie says Hello, and "Hello, (something I can't make out)," learned from another parrot the breeder had in her house, not me. He makes some sounds that appear to be the beginning of him trying to pick up some other words he learned in his first home, but I cannot make them out to try and develop them.

My Meyers is about the funniest because aside from Hello, his name(may keep it, it was Pepé), and "good boy," he just babbles in his funny voice like a toddler trying to talk English when he responds to my talking. Sort of like the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons. Supposedly he says "Hi," but I've yet to hear that from him.
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My Quaker talks

[ame=""]YouTube - Keiko (Quaker Parrot)[/ame] He says a few words throughout the video. Good boy, hello, Kieko, come on.

He also barks like a dog does an evil laugh 'hahahahahaha', says: what, shut up, step up, what's up. I think there's more but can't think of them at the moment.

So do two of my Cockatiels, but haven't got a video.. all they say is 'shiro' and 'pretty boy' lol.
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Adorable. :) I love hearing them talk. Niblet says hello there and something else that isn't very clear yet. Millie just looks at me like I'm crazy when I try and get her to say something :lol:
:giggle: I love their little voices :lovehearts:
Both of my conures talk, with Ozzy the GCC having the largest vocab. Darwin says about half a dozen phrases, but Ozzy says loads more. Of course, as is always the case they never talk when you want them too ( when you stick a camera in their faces :lol:). Here's some video of Ozzy saying a few things, he starts about 40 secs into the video. :p
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3 of our tiels talk "pretty bird, hello, tickle tickle" our amazon has a small vocabulary, our black cap makes kissy sounds and purrs.
bingo talks but he mumbles the words.:p
LOL all these videos are really perking my budgie up!

Aww I just love hearing parrots talk!

Keep it coming guys, I'm loving these videos!
Spike my cockatiel talks :)
I have heard him say/do
laugh, squeaky toy sound, swing sound, wolf whistle and come here whistle and kiss sounds, canary sounds, charge whistle, do do do sounds and microwave beep sound. The words he can say are night night, good night, good bird, good boy, pretty bird, pretty boy or bo, come here, Spike, right now, oh oh, peek a boo, what are you doing, I love you, gimme a kiss, kisses, see you later, Iam a pretty boy, scritches, I got to go to work, Hi baby, Hi Bandit, Hi babe, See you in a bit, Icarus and do you want to go to bed, Budgie boy, lets go.
Here is a video of him saying his favourite thing. I got to go to work see you later :p
[ame=""]YouTube - Spike plays peekaboo[/ame]
Icarus my budgie talks alot and can say almost everything Spike can but I don't have a video of him talking. Icarus's favourite sound to make is a bell :lol:
Here is Icarus's bell noise
[ame=""]YouTube - Icarus plays and makes his bell noise[/ame]
Storm has said step up, pretty bird, kisses, whatcha doing, Icarus, Spike, hey and Hi. Now she only says hi very rarley. I guess she think Spike talks enough for the both of them :p Here is a video of Storm saying hi :)
[ame=""]YouTube - Storm says hi[/ame]
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Storms little voice was adorable!
Thanks :) My friend says it is creepy because she sounds like a little girl :lol:
Rista the senegal talks but everytime i try to tape it..silence :p as usual lol!

She says, Hello, Hello Pretty Bird. Hello Pretty Birdie, Hey Birdie, Hey Pretty Baby, Hiiiiiii. I Love You. Pretty Bird, Pretty Birdie Bird. Birdie Birdie Birdie. Tweet Tweet Tweet. Where Are You. Bye Bye. Thank You. And some other birdie gibberish that sounds like words but im not sure what :p
Here's one I got of Loki, my Linnie, crying :lol: He's learned if he's unhappy or if Kaiko leaves him alone to go 'baby! oh no! baaaby!'

[ame=""]YouTube - loki crying[/ame]

It's just so pathetic! :rofl: He'll do it non-stop until Kai comes back!
All such good videos! Our Senegal talks and one of our conures. The usual stuff, their names and morning birdies, 'scuse me just too much to remember tonight!
None of our Budgies talk, but both Linnie do. Baylee says..Step up, I'm mama's boy,and a lot of other things under his breath that make me wonder. LOL!

Spumoni says...Step up (he actually taught Baylee) and Hi baby, what you doing..followed by a wolf whistle.:)
My 1 yr old parrotlet talks...He says ....'whatcha doin ' .. 'what did you do' ...' birdie birdie birdie' ... and ' thank you' . He also says baby bird but it is not very clear yet. I love it when he says thank you...It is the cutest thing when you give him a treat and he says thank you...especially when you are not expecting it.
As soon as the camera comes out they stay quiet....
My Hahn's says Gimme a kiss, what cha doing, are you a good girl, gimme girl, pretty girl, hello, I love you and if I ask her what a chicken does she will literally say "bok, bok, bok":rofl:
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