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Easy & Fun Toy To Make For Your Fid(s)

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I was making some toys before and I thought of this awesome idea!

My male Cockatiels are HUGE chewers - so if your birds are mad chewers too, this is perfect for them. (I did not get any ideas from any sites, I try and be as creative as I can by using my own ideas)

1) Grab the biggest paddle pop sticks you can or something like I am using..

2) Wrap it in newspaper like shown below (you can wrap it as many times as you want - the more the better)

3) Next grab your chain and slide it inside

4) Continue to do this until you've filled up the whole chain and it'll look like this

5) Hang it in their cage and watch them go for it.

What my birdies don't know is that a few of the sticks are wrapped more than once in newspaper, some are wrapped 6 times, others once, twice, three and four times.. it'll keep them very busy for awhile and will probably last 2-3 days. I'm gonna put millet and some other things in the next one I make. :biggrin5:
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