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Favorite Toys

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What are your birds' favorite toys? Do they like to "play with" or "destruct" them? :lol:

My parrotlets like anything really - leather, rope, plastic chain, bells, swings.
My lineolated parakeets like bells and plastic toys that make noise.
Harpo likes anything - but nothing ever lasts, as he is very destructive! He loves shred-able toys the most.
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My birds are such finicky things when it comes to toys. My budgies love a silly ferris wheel that slides on a perch.

They both love swings although it took Sugar about 2 years before she would get on one. They both love chewing on toys that have yucca and seed treats.

Parsley(linnie) loves paper and is happiest chewing on notes that I write to my self. She loves things she shouldn't have like my earrings or watch. But the one toy she will play with has these spiral straws on them. She loves to pick at them.

All 3 of my birds LOVE mirrors and I ocassionally put them in but do not leave them for a long time. I try to rotate toys every several weeks but the ones I have pictured stay in the cage all the time.
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My linnies are OBSESSED with the straw toys, like the one Nancy has a photo of. Mizu and Loki used to sleep in one every night, and now Loki will still choose his straw toy on occasion over his happy hut he shares with Kai.

Moose, the tiel, really doesn't play with much. The only thing he used to chew was bamboo sprigs I put in the cage, will occasionally chew on wood blocks, and lately he's been playing with a toy I made him with little cotton puff balls and fabric strips.

Goober, my severe macaw, LOVES wiffle balls! Anything with bells, dangling rope, etc he loves to swing on! Plastic toys seem to be a favorite too, but he's not much of a wood chewer.
For Mochi... I'm her favorite toy. :rolleyes: In both the sense of destructing AND playing with. :p -cough- Beng serious, now... She likes anything shiny, or rip-able, like paper or wood. She loses interest in toys fast, though, so she'll often just drop it and find something else to play with.

for the budgies, all they like is hoops. They don't really take any interest in other toys. :p
destroy and love, i am posting a video of Mo's favorite toy in a new thread....
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