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Finally got a flight pic

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It's not the best quality but I finally got one. :thumbsup: Wish I knew how to take pics in rapid succession. I guess I need to get out the camera manual. :giggle:

Here's Tweety in flight.

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Well, I think it is great. I have NEVER been able to get a flight picture of mine so I think you did really well.
Great pic!!!:biggrin5: I hear ya on the camera manual. :lol: I find it really hard to get decent pics of my tiel cause she's always moving, I guess I have to tie her down and then snap the pic, :p
wow very nice.thats a better picture then i could ever take.:photo::thumbsup:
You've done a great job! :) It's a great picture!
It is a good flight pic! Yay Tweety:photo:
great photo!!
I still can't believe I got it! I have tried for so long. I tried to get some pics of my other little turkey butts today but they are in constant motion and they just blur. I really wish I could get some clear pics like a lot of you get. Maybe I'll learn that camera yet. :p Or my birds will learn to be still for a minute, fat chance? :giggle:
Awe the pic didnt show up for me, i will come back later to see if it was just my dumb computer.
thats actually a pretty cool picture!
Great picture!!!
yay i see it now! Its really good! He looks like the bird from Harry Potter!
Wow! Great photo! :thumbsup:
What i do is i stand on a corner and while my birds fly around i keep snapping without stop... One of the 50 pictures i take will be bound to be a good flight shot XD:
That's an amazing shot! :lovehearts:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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