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Friendliest of the Mini-Macaws

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I'm only familiar with severe macaws, but not any of the other mini-macaws...

So I'm curious to know what each of their personality is like. Which is the friendliest mini-macaw? Which seems to be more common or popular?
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I have a friend who has a hahn and a noble. They are great birds. They have big bird personalities in small bird bodies.

He has found that the advice given about large macaws is pretty accurate about his minis. He gives them a lot of love, structure, toys to destroy and varied diet.
I've worked with 2 Hanhs, They are quite the characters. They were both handraised and will be breeders in the future with any luck but they love people. They will ride around on my shoulder when i'm in their room. I can't really scritch them or anything but i do have beak wars with the male. He loves to bite me so i'll grab his beak gently when he does and he usually lets go.
A friend of mine got a breeding age pair of Hahn's in May and he was very surprised when they nearly immediately went down to breed. 3 adorable babies were hatched. I was lucky enough to baby sit them for him for a day when they were about 3 1/2 weeks old. He was going to see David Copperfield and had to leave early and would miss their evening feed so I had them from lunchtime until the next day. They are delightful and the sweetest babies to hand raise. I had fallen in love with the Hahn about 6 years ago when I met 2 hand raised babies that were for sale. I would nearly have killed for them they were so sweet but were much more than I could afford at $7000 each.

I have baby sat for this guy on more than one occassion, usually his Crimson Bellied Conures and also many of his Lorikeets when he had them. The Hahns have always been one of my dream parrots. They are so cheeky. Not as spectacular as the big Macaws but I prefer them over the big boys.
I would love to say Severes, but they really vary on a case to case basis! :lol: My grandfather had one that was absolutely vicious! We had one in the store who was tolerant but nippy, and now I have Goober who is a baby doll with me and will tolerate other people.

I've also worked with a Hahn's. Our Hahnsie is more prone to being nippy than the severe, but it's the first one I've worked with so it's not the best guage of a species!

The Hahn's is sweet but a little more temperamental than the Severe's. The severes seem to be more snuggly and a little more laid back from what I've seen. They are also easier to throw about and play rough with! :lol:
Mini macaws? I just have to look up pictures!
Here, let me help you! :wink: :lol: The first two are Goober, my severe macaw, one of the larger mini-macaws. The last is a Hahn's Macaw we have at work, he's a little larger than a cockatiel, pretty much on par with a sun conure. They have all the macaw personality in a tiny little body :lol:


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oh, I can vouch for the Hahn's personality! Pretty much the same as a blue and gold, but so much smaller. I would also add that they are ever so slightly bigger than a sun conure, not by much but their beak is bigger. Yes, they can be nippy, but like any bird, training, trust and watching their body language is key! Turbo my baby of a year old is also quite the talker! Currently she can say about 10 things and is a real clown.
My heart is set on getting a Hahns Macaw.. when I have the money & space. :(

I've never seen one in person, but I can't wait for the day that I can!
Illigers macaws can also be quite sweet - or not. They are also beautiful. I have more than one friend with one. They all tell me they are just like the big macaws. They do recommend separating the babies into individual boxes when handfeeding them.
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