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Full Spectrum Lighting

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What are your thoughts on full spectrum lighting for birds? Do you have a light fixture set up near your parrots?

...Or do you just bring them right on outside to get some 100% natural sunlight? (Either in a harness or cage, of course!)
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Mine all get indirect sunlight through un-tinted windows, so I pretty much rely on that :lol: The linnies come outside on occasion but the parrotlets I don't trust! I've brought the severe outside, but I want to harness-train him soon so I can bring him places with me :lovehearts:
I have a home that is full of natural light and take my birds cages out on most nice days. I have to admit I have never used full spectrum lighting and I know that on lots of forums they say this is vital. I feel a little guilty that don't.
I have a full spectrum light by the cages for my birds. Wednesday litterally basks in it, she will move to the point closest to the light and its just like she is sitting enjoying the sunlight.

I am not sure i have noticed any benifit since getting the lamp, but in winter around here there is so little daylight and natural sun, and it is too cold to take them out 3 seasons of the fake sunlight seems like the least that i can do.
Full spectrum lighting is on my to get list for my birds. During the warmer summer months both birds got an hour in the outside cage on the porch. They both loved basking in the sun. But now that winter is here, I try to make sure they get to sit near the window during the afternoon... but this dreary weather hasn't really allowed the sun to shine.

I did notice that during the summer Jack's feathers were bright and green... but by the end of last winter his green was very dull. One week of an hour out in the sun everyday come summer, brightened him right up again. So at the very least, I can see that full spectrum lighting helps keep colours bright
Mine all get indirect sunlight through un-tinted windows, so I pretty much rely on that :lol:
I thought I've read in the past that the window blocks some of the important rays, so it's no good. :shrug:

I'm not sure though...
All my birds have full spectrum lighting. They also spend a couple of hours outside in the sunshine each day ( caged of course ), or on the back porch ( if it's raining ). They're out there right now :lol: as it's such a nice day.
Mojito gets to go outside with me since hes clipped and loves cuddling.
This is one of my little hobby horses. UV is filtered out when sunlight passes through glass, plastic, fibreglass perspex etc. So it is relatively useless. UVB is the most important as this is what produces Vitamin A (which is actually a hormone not a Vitamin). Vitamin A allows the absorption of Vitamin C so without it you can give your birds Vitamin C until it is coming out their ears and it will not be absorbed properly so they can have a Vitamin C deficiency.

Not enough research has been done on full spectrum lighting to see if it gives UVB in adequate quantities. Most FSL in Australia only contain UVA and UVC so they miss out on the extremely important UVB. Also over here I have only seen the ones that are tubes and not bulbs or globes so it is rather awkward to use. It is also unknown what effect these lights have on humans as they could increase the risk of Skin Cancer.

I don't have a problem with most of my birds as they are outside in aviaries and get natural sunlight. The few that I have inside get a vitamin supplement that contains Vitamin A to counteract this deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency is a bigger problem with birds kept inside either as pets or in breeding rooms and it can cause a whole host of health problems. Vitamin A is essential for all aspects of our birds health and well being.

A budgie breeder over here did a couple of years of research into this problem and wrote an article for Budgerigar World with his findings, this was then backed up by an Avian Vet. Since he removed all glass etc from his breeding room the health of his birds has improved as did his breeding results. He complains his breeding area is not as clean as it was (used to be called the Budgie Hilton) but he has not had a sick bird since doing it.
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I don't have a UV light, but I have recently started setting up a perch in the open window. (There's a screen, don't worry. :p) The budgies seem to really like it, they've been hanging out there a lot. :)

Mochi I just take out for some 100% sunlight when I go out for walks. :D
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