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Gertjie the budgie

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On November 12th, I adopted a little budgie named Gertjie. Her family moved to overseas and couldn't bring her with. She settled in quickly, and she was the sweetest little budgie. She even slept on me and accepted head scratches. Unfortunately, on November 17th, I found her dead at the bottom of her cage. It was a huge shock. I think old age, bad genes, poor diet, and/or stress gave her a heart attack.

Rest in peace little one.
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Thank you... by looking at the ring around her eye, she is obviously an old bird. She was also an albino, and albino have bad genes. She had a seed diet her whole life, and I was still busy converting her at the time of her passing, so I am sure she had multiple health issues.

I'm really not sure why she passed. I'm just sad that it had to be so soon.
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