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Getting 2 Baby Bunnies!

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Yup, I'm getting 2 bunnies, probably 2 baby Dwarf Lop Kits! :lovehearts:It was between them or 2 Netherland Dwarfs but I can't find anyone close by that sells them and this woman just happens to live locally.

(this isn't either of them - just what they look like)

If all goes according to plan, they should be weaned on the 30th of October which is in 6 days. :yikes:
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Oh, how cute! Bunnies are so adorable, and smarter than people give them credit for! I love little lops too, their ears are just so darling :hearts: Congrats!
Carrots, must get more carrots! I have had bunnies, they are fun! Good fertilizer machines too. My yard was gorgeous when we had a bunny. We kept him in a cage out back though, not in the house.
These 2 will be staying outside, but for the first few weeks I'll be keeping them in my room.
Oh so sweet! I have Pig but have had bunnies as well.
awwww , so cute
:cngrts:I love bunnies :lovehearts:When my kids were young we had 2 who got jiggy with it, and produced 12 adorable babies. I had such a hard time parting with them, but they all went to good homes. :biggrin5:
YAY! Bunnys are so cute!
I love bunnies too but have never actually owned one. We used to have a family that visited our backyard every day because I always put food out for them. I think the neighbours have eliminated most of them because they ate their garden veggies. We haven't seen one for about a year now. People are so cruel and selfish. :(
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