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Goober is...

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...A GIRL! :yikes: Just goes to show you the visual cues are NOT reliable! :rofl: We've raised Goob in the shop from 1 1/2 months of age, all the visual cues show male, personality shows male, talking ability/behavior shows male, prefers females and is super bonded to me... oh well! It proves my $30 wasn't wasted! :giggle: At least I found out this way, not though her laying an egg on me!
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Girlies rule!!! Goober can be a female name?
It's nice to know conclusively....especially when you were guessing wrong.
Great Jenny, but now she's needs a little girl name. Maybe something close to goober like giggle :lol:
Haha, I'm going to keep the name the same - both girls and boys can be a goober and Goober is nothing BUT a little goober! :lol: That, and she's been Goober for over a year now. I have a female tiel named Moose so what's a female macaw named Goober, eh? :rofl: Moose wasn't my name choice, but at 9 years old I wasn't gonna change it lol
:woohoo:Girl's rule :yesnod:. See, you can never be 100% certain eh? Anyway, it doesn't matter what sex Goob is, she's still a precious, funny, very entertaining, mass of feathers. :lovehearts:
yay! Congrats on your girl! I know that feeling...Turbo is really Turbolina:rofl:
now how about Gooberella?
awww Goober:)
Such a pretty girly
We had a male budgie named Tina! My 5 yr. old granddaughter insisted! He didn't mind:p
Congratulations! I named one of my budgies Sassy when I thought it was a girl. Turns out Sassy is a little boy. :biggrin5:
Good for you, Jenny stick to your guns although I like gooberella :biggrin5: We intended to continue calling Millie Willie after the DNA but she just seemed to 'girlish' to be a Willie. On the other hand, the names are so close in sound and it didn't take long for her to respond to Millie. :)
Wooooooo! Goober is a beautiful girl! :lovehearts:
congrats!! Nothin beats knowing for sure!
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