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This is quite a long thread, but you really can't write a few words when your speaking about my precious budgie Mr Tinkles.

Well, as most of you may know, I lost my most treasured budgie, Mr Tinkles, almost 2 months ago.
I'm not going to tell you all the sad details of the escape, because I think it's best I talk about the happy times we had.

I don't know if he's passed away, or whether he's safe with another family.
He could still come back, but the chances are quite slim.
So I think I will just accept that I'm probably not getting him back, and just hope for a miracle.
So for now, I think I will share a bit of his life with you...

I first found him in a pet shop, cut and sick, lying on the cage floor.
I had saved him from that awful place, and nursed him back to health.
Soon he was the friendlies budgie I'd ever met.
He used to dance around the house, chattering to himself, hanging off my finger, and cuddling in my hair.
He would turn from Mr Independent to a little cuddle bug in a second.
Mr Tinkles was honestly one of the most important things in my life, I would think about him all the time.
He could talk up a storm, saying pretty boy, good boy, hello, I love you, kiss kiss, and an assortment of household noises.
He had just perfected a whistle and then 'taxi', a day before he escaped.
I used to take him around to my friends place, to meet up with her budgie Charlie.
We even had a wedding for Charlie (known then as Bella) and Mr Tinkles.
Since then we discovered Bella was a boy, and was renamed Charlie.
But those two will always be best friends, and if budgies can mourn, I'm sure they would be doing just that for each other. :(

I was so proud of Mr Tinkles, and still am, I tell everyone about how special he was.
He was such a little clown, always keeping me entertained.
He had won over many people who hated birds, and soon many had birds of their own!

He was a special parrot to so many people, but none more so than me.
Just because he's gone, doesn't mean I'll ever forget him.
He made me believe in miracles, and for that I am eternally thankful.

A little poem I wrote:

Mr Tinkles, I miss you, my pride, my joy.
My incredible budgie, my pretty boy.
However you describe this incredible bird,
Mr Tinkles, my angel, you changed my whole word.

Our fairytale:

Fate brought him to me once upon a time, and our story began.
I enjoyed every second of it, and although it didn't quite have the happy ending we'd hope for, you will be in my heart forever after.

Some photos I'd like to share:

Just a baby


my little clown

He loved everything and everyone

Charlie and Mr Tinkles. Friends forever and always.

He was so beautiful


His eyes were beautiful

Fantastic flyer

Loved to eat :XD:

Tiny bit addicted to cellphones....

Ladies man...



I miss those eyes...

Goodbye Mr Tinkles, I will never forget you.

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That is lovely! You can be proud that you gave him a wonderful life!:)
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