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Green Cheek Conure & Oatmeal

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I have read in many places that it is OK to feed some oatmeal to birds, my question for anyone that can help is: is it OK to feed regular instant oatmeal in the little packages just like my kids eat for breakfast. Don't want to give my baby anything that has too many "extras" added in, or too much sugar or anything. Would appreciate any info anyone can give. I have a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure that is roughly 6 to 8 months old. I also have 2 budgies close to the same age. Thanks
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As long as it's plain, no sugar added, oatmeal it should be fine. I would read the label to see for sure what all is in there. When I worked at the shop we used to make Quaker Oatmeal, the big cylindrical can of loose oats? And just mix in baby food :thumbsup: We either made it extra thick to compensate adding the baby food or just microwaved it with the baby food already mixed in instead of water :)

I hope that answers your question!
yes thank you :biggrin5:
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one more thing... cook it in microwave just like i would for the kids, but after that how cool should it be when I give it to the bird... I mean I know not to give when its still boiling hot, but do yours eat it slightly still warm, or wait till its down to about room temp? Thanks!
Still warm :) Like you would for baby food, or for your kids. Warm, but not too hot.
Dip it on your wrist, like you would test formula for a baby. If it burns your skin, it's too hot. If it's slightly warm and not causing you any discomfort, then it's fine :)
I'm just wondering, is oatmeal like a treat? Or is it something to give them in addition to their regular food and can be seen as a "staple" in the diet, of sorts?
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