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Head Bobbing?

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Hi, I was just wondering what head bobbing means. Thanks! :)
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Sometimes it's adjusting their crop, if they do it while eating or after preening. It they're doing it to you, another bird, or a mirror, then it can be in preparation for regurgitation.
It could also mean " the mating dance ".
It could have been trying to feed or mate a toy it has
formed a bond with.
As much as it sounds wrong it could be true...

My budgie Spice will often do head bobbing so I researched this a while back. Here are some reasons for head bobbing.

1. Attention getter, wants to come out of cage
2. Really excited about something
3. Head bobbing is part of singing
4. Head bobbing is a symptom of autism (and yes they were refering to budgies)
5. Male head bobs as a sign of affection for female when not mating, courtship behavior
6. Mom head bobs when regurgitating food to assist in regurgitation
7. A motion of love and happiness, even love of own image when looking in mirror
8. If baby, begging for food
9. Budgies move just head in communication as opposed to whole body
10. Just having a fun time
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Great post Nancy that pretty much said it all! My favorite small parrot version of the head bob is the p-let "wiggle neck" its quite something to see if youve never experienced it!
Mojito does this to my fingers all the time :rolleyes: Luckily he hasnt regurgitated on me.....yet.
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