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Hello everyone!

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Hi, my name is Ella, I'm from New Zealand, and I am mad about parrots.
Well, I don't own a parrot, but hey, that doesn't mean I can't like them.

I am on this forum because I would really like a parrot, but the time isn't right.
I'm hoping that I can do some research around the forum, and then when I make the decision, I'm not making one thats not right for me.

I have a budgie, (which strictly speaking is a parakeet:giggle:).

Some of you who have come from talkbudgies may know my Mr Tinkles, or me for that matter. :XD:

Mr Tinkles is a sky blue yellow face type 2 opaline spangle (quite a mouthful, I know!:rofl:) and a very keen talker.

I hope to see you around the forums:thumbsup:.
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Nice to meet you! You live in New Zealand? I'm jealous! That's my ideal country to live in, but with all my animals, the move would be quite the trek and hassle! :lol:
Hi Ella! :D Good to see you in Talk Parrots!

Man, it really is a TB reunion here. :p
Welcome, it sure is nice to see so many parakeet people here.
Hey Ella, welcome to the community! :)
Hi there Ella, you do own a parrot, his name is Mr. Tinkles. :giggle:
nice to see you and mr. tinkles here.
Aw, I do love Mr.Tinkles :D Welcome aboard :D
welcome to the flocK!
Hi there and welcome. Mr.Tinkles sounds like quite the character. i'm Madly inlove with spangles but badly my spangle genes are almost gone.
:mwelcometogrp: Glad to see another from TB on here!
Thanks so much.

There is a lot of TB people here! There's probably even more but they've just changed their username!
Hi Ella, Mr. Tinkles is a cutie. I love his name. :p I'm like you, I'm interested in a couple of the "bigger parrots" too. One of these days! :hug:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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