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Hello from Ontario

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I live in Orleans Ontario and have two Linnies. A male creamino, 3 months old and a dark green female 1 1/2 years old, who, btw, are in love :giggle:
I'm looking forward to learn more about birds on this site.
Good job Nick. :thumbsup:
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Hey Cess! I was wondering when you'd make it over here. :)

Please enjoy your time, and feel free to jump right into the discussion. I'm sure some of the members who don't have linnies would love to see photos of them. :biggrin5:
Welcome, Cess. Lots of familiar faces. I am very excited about this forum. I agree, I think we will learn a lot here.
I've never had a linnie but I think they are fantastic little birds. Sounds like you have a very nice flock. Welcome, I'm new myself.
Glad to see you, Cess!! I think everyone here would love to hear about your experiences with Niblet and Millie!! Especially taming Millie down and introducing the two! You did such a wonderful job! :thumbsup:
Hello and welcome, glad to see you joined.
Hello Cess, Niblet, and Millie :biggrin5:. Good to see you here on this shiney new forum. :giggle:
Dont forget to say good job to Dave! Welcome!
:lovehearts: I am the other half of SensFan (Cess) and of course am owned by the same linnies (Millie & Niblet). Glad to be here (actually I'm glad to be anywhere). Good job Nick and Dave

Welcome to Talk Parrots. Can't wait to see pictures of your linnies. :)
hey welcome sensfan and tcambear i,m from ontario as well
Welcome both of you :)
I'm from Ontario as well. Don't forget to post pictures of the linnies ;)
Welcome. You will definitely learn a lot here. I have!
welcome to the flock!
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