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Hello From Teegzy :)

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Hey Everyone :)

New member to the flock! I am picking up my Green Cheek Conure
this week hopefully. I'm on Talkbudgies every other day. I'm obsessed.
See you all around the forum :)

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Hooray for green cheeks and welcome! We have 3:biggrin5:
Hey there Teegz! Nice to see you here :)
Thanks, I can't wait. He will be my first conure
but I have had many years experience with birds :)
I cant wait to see other peoples photos!

Hey Corina :D
Im glad I came
welcome to the coolest group of people on the net!
welcome to the flock
Welcome aboard! Congrats on the conure!
Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your new addition! :biggrin:
:mwelcometogrp: I can't wait to se pictures of your GCC next week!
Hellow and welcome. I'm looking forward to pics. Have you chosen a name yet?
Hello and welcome, Teegz. Don't forget to post some pics when you get your little guy. How about some pics of your bugs in the meantime? :p
Welcome to Talk Parrots.
You can join the invasion of Talk Budgie addicts :lol:! :lol:
Hi Teegzy! Welcome from another conure lover. Congrats on your new GCC.:biggrin5:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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