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Hello Im Frankie Gomez. I have 11 budgies, 4 females and 5 males.
and then 2 baby budgies. Then I have my baby Odie he is a quacker who is a few months old and then Roxy my macaw.​

.... All my budgies live in a 10 ft by 15ft aviary.
They all Love carrots and boiled egg.

Ha i decided to give my flock a name, The Feathers.​

Kiko was one of my first budgies, him and Ziggie, a lutino budgie. Him and Ziggie were always kissing and they cared about each other. But Ziggie died from egg bound and That was terrible experience for me and kiko. IF you notice he has an under bite, this is an old picture he no longer has that. But anyways now kiko likes MIsty.
And Misty and Kiko currently have 2 baby budgies.​

Misty, when i first got Misty I thought she was a boy cuz the pet shop lady told me she was ha ha but i later found out she was not, and now her and kiko are together.
She is a very curious bird, she likes bitting on everything and she is very adorable.
(she is the blue one). She had two kids with Kiko​

Misty and Kiko's Babies:lovehearts:

Lemon, i got lemon right after ziggie died, thinking she was a girl. Lemon was suppose to be for Kiko, but thats when I learned about lutino budgies and found out he was a male. Lemon is probably my favorite out of all them, cuz he is very unique and is like the king of all of my budgies, every thing he dose the others follow. Lemon is my dominant boy. He is very outgoing and curious, he gets his nose into everything, and right now he likes piper. On the picture its Lemon and then behind is Piper.​

Lemon and Piper

Piper, I got piper cuz she seemed diffrent to me. I had never seen her color before. Piper is really shy and beautiful.
She is very smart too.​

Kiwi is a unique little bird, ha he is always everywhere, he is a good father and i love him. He likes Melody and shows it alot, he is always with her, he always feeds her and i mean always, because i have never seen melody go and eat out of food bowl.

He had two kids, Roxie and Roudie, with Melody.​

Kiwi and Melody

Melody is my mommy, she is kinda shy to, but when it comes to her nest and babies, she is mean.
but i see that as a good thing. She is has two babies Roxie and Roudie.​

Melody and Kiwi's babies

Here is Roxie she is my beautiful lutino, Her parents are Kiwi and Melody and her brother is Roudie. She is very nosey and loves exploring. Ha i miss being able to hold her.​

My little baby Roudie, he is more clam and likes to follow everyone else. He is bearly starting to come out of his shell and chirp and be wild.
His parents are Kiwi and Melody, then he has his sister Roxy.​

Gizmo ....
he loves eating and seems to follow the older ones every where
He is single and his best friend is Lemo.​

Here is Roxy, She specks alot and Is very loud, Ha ha and she eats everything.​

Odie is my love he is only a few months old and he says everything Roxy dose. In the morning he screams his name cause he wants out of his cage. He loves me and if he could he would stay on my shoulder all day. He hates his cage. I love Odie.​

..............and thats my flock

You gots to love them.​

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What beautiful birds! I'm jealous of your aviary! Welcome to the forum!
OH ha thank you, and Yes i love my aviary too. Me and my dad built it one weekend. It was alot of fun.

Oh wow, thats a lot of birds! Odie sounds like a real character:D
Yes but they are great ha ha. ANd Yes he is my baby.

My goodness, how do you keep all those budgies straight? What a beautiful flock. How did you correct Kiko's underbite?
Its really not that hard they really take care of themsleves. and thank you, Kiko's underbite was fixed by himself i really dont know what he did but he no longer has it. I know the vet usually fixes that sort of thing.

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Hello Frankie, welcome to the community. :welcome4:

Odie is such a cutie! ... And what a cool aviary! :thumbsup:

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Hey Frankie! Nice to see you here :)
You to Corina :)

Frankie! Your aviary is really neat, and all of your birds are really beautiful (and very healthy looking). I'm glad I got to see pictures.
Thank You Im glad you enjoy them.

Hi Frankie, Nice to see you here too! :) You have a gorgeous flock!
Thanks and You too.

Hello Frankie, welcome to the community. :welcome4:

Odie is such a cutie! ... And what a cool aviary! :thumbsup:
OH thanks ha and Yes I love him. He is on my sholder right now.

Hi Frankie :) your flock is beautiful, and large, lol. I love your aviary, and the name is perfect. :biggrin5:
Ha Thank You Thank You.

Wow! I love your flock, especially Roudie's unique coloring!

Odie is adorable! I've been looking into getting a Quaker! :D

See you around the forum!
Thanks and I know he is beautiful, and you should ha the quacker is my favorite bird right now. THey are alot of fun.

Roudie is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You they had gorgous babies.

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next time im in new mexico you should hook me up with a cute baby! Haha a parrotlet please since you breed such cute chicks!
OH do you live close by.

Oh my gosh what an awesome aviary and such lovely birds! I am jealous! I look forward to seeing and hearing more about your birds!
Thank You and Ha I love them and my aviary. Thanks to my dad. And thats Good im glad you liked it.
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