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I am very new to forums so if I make a mistake just let me know.
My wife has a cockatiel that is a year old named Sweetie Pie. She is a Pied. The bird not my wife.
I have a fostered U2 (Umbrella Cockatoo) named Coucou. When I received her she had a total of two feathers. She has a lot more now but still has a ways to go. She has a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to have her nails clipped. :yikes:
I also have two pairs of English Budgies. They are Spangles, two sky blue, one olive and one YF Cinnamon. I am thinking about getting back into showing birds.
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Hello, RudyD
I am very new to forums, myself, but have received only pleasant responses here.
I think it might be quite interesting if people came in pied colorations, too.
What type of birds did you show previously?
Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you have a full house! :lol: Good for you, taking in the U2. She just plucks, I assume, no health issues? That's so good she's making a recovery and she didn't damage the feather follicles too much! :lovehearts: Always nice to hear a story with a happy ending!
I have tried my hand at showing English Budgies, Cockatiels and LoveBirds. My best work was with LoveBirds. However, I did not like working with the LoveBirds. I don't know where they got the name LoveBirds. Maybe because they love to bite. That was about 15-20 years ago.

Yes, Coucou is a healthy bird. The Vet. Doctor who fostered the bird to me was given the bird to put down because of the lack of feathers. She ran all the test possable and the bird had a clean bill of health. No, I was told she probably would not regrow all of her feathers. I will try to show some pictures of before and after. If I can figure out how. The Vet Doctor thinks the bird was picked clean by her cage mate. Coucou could not have picked all her own feathers. She Literally had only two feather when I got her. It would have been hard for her to pick out the ones on top of her head.
Yeah, that sounds like someone was doing the plucking, the poor thing. I've heard of using King's Cages 'Pluck no More' to help with feather regrowth, but it's expensive and I'm not sure what the success rate is on it. My neighbor has a grey with no feathers except for her head, and she knits little sweaters for her, so she stays warm :giggle:

Pluckers can still be wonderful birds, they just look... special :lol: I hate how people have such a negative stigma on them. I would never put down or get rid of one of my birds just because s/he was naked, that's just heartless :frown:
Its great you took the cockatoo, poor girl! I'm glad she is doing better.. and I'd love to see pictures :giggle:
My neighbor has a grey with no feathers except for her head, and she knits little sweaters for her, so she stays warm
Jenny we need pics of the bird in the little sweaters and maybe instructions just in case:yesnod:

Welcome to the forum Rudy. I'm looking forward to pics. :biggrin5:
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