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I've had my baby african grey since she was only a few months old and is now 7 years old... she's been fed primarily on Kaytee Exact Rainbow pellets as this is what the breeder told me was best and she was raised on. She gets fresh fruit/vegetables... not often enough, but semi-frequently, and more so of late.

I've experimented with alternate pellets for her including,
  • ZuPreem Fruit Blend (loved)
  • ZuPreem Vege Blend (meh, not so much)
  • PrettyBird Species Specific African Grey (enjoys)
  • NutriBerries as treats (not interested)

  • Harrisons 2x varieties (not interested, did not go well) ..and she only has seeds as treats....

After some recent reading I read that TOPS pellets and Harrisons were still the most recommended two to give, as no colours, low sugar and not stuffed full of 'filler' (wheat?)... so this time i purchased two big bags of:
  • TOP'S Outstanding Pellets Natural Parrot Food - will not touch.

  • Harrisons High Potency - I bought the tiny pellet version thinking she'd nibble on them easier, along with her larger, TOPS or fruity stuff, or with seeds even... but the size trick seems to have compeltely backfired.

  • plus a smaller bag of TOP's Seed Mix - thinking if she likes seeds as treats maybe she'd eat these 'healthier' seeds easy too.. but no.

She hates all of it!

Won't touch the stuff. So much so that I had to buy a (small) bag of the PrettyBird again just so she'd eat. I've tried mixing the newer stuff in but she just picks out the coloured fruity stuff and leaves everything else. Every time.

Im wondering how i can convert her off the coloured stuff onto the beige bland looking stuff and any tips, help or advice you can give to help me do this?

I'm prepared to buy another large back of the Kaytee Rainbow Exact if needed to mix it in with the new stuff and, my only idea was to seperate them all out into various varatiosn of mix, changing the ratio of coloured:bland food. So maybe feed 90/10 for 2 months, then drop down to 70/30 ..... 50/50 .... 30/70 and work my way to 10/90, 0:100 with each ratio being fed for 'whatever' period of time. 2-3 months?

Because shes not been eating it at all, ive stopped 'wasting' the good stuff but just putting in a few or couple of pieces of the new stuff with her regular each feed (and dropping the quantity of coloured pellets) hoping shed at least try it and i can moinitor consumption, but she literally just leaves all of the new stuff.

Please help! :(

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Hello and Welcome to Talk Parrots ... honestly any pellets you can get your bird to eat is good. If she picks out the ones she likes that's all good and very common.

Harrison's and Roudybush pellets are supposedly the best and I do swear by Harrison's but when my birds chose to eat Kaytee fruity pellets mostly that's what I would give them. I just started to offer more fruits and veggies daily to make up for anything I thought the birds might be lacking in their diet. It worked out fine.

There are things you can do with the other pellets and the picked out fruit pellets your bird doesn't like ... bake them into small batches of birdy bread or small muffins made especially for your grey.

You can find dry mixes online or in some pet stores ... you can add nuts and oats fruits and veg then then throw in a small handful of pellets just before you put the bread mix in the oven. After its baked you can freeze the bread or muffins and offer them daily if you like. There are tons of recipes online you can find especially on Youtube for your birb to enjoy.

Don't sweat it if your bird only like the Kaytee brand ... its pellets. She's eating them and enjoying picking out and foraging the flavors and colors she likes and this is all good.

Most people come here and say their birds refuse any type of pellets.
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