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Which photo?

  • Kami

    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • Lofty

    Votes: 8 57.1%

Help Me Choose!

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The TC Photo contest theme this month is preening, and I have way too many preening photos of our two as it is, lol. We've managed to get it down to two photos, one of Kami, and one of Lofty, so I want you to help me pick which to enter. :biggrin5:


or Lofty:

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Oh my gosh, that is hard to choose! They are both such beautiful poses. I voted for Lofty.
Oh my gosh, that is hard to choose! They are both such beautiful poses. I voted for Lofty.
Ditto; I voted for Lofty, too! :)

Good luck in the contest! :)
I love both the photos! I voted for Kami! :D
I love both too and I voted for Kami. Good luck!
That was a hard choice, but I voted for Lofty too. :hug:
I voted Lofty - I like how his beak is tucked under his little wing!
That was a very hard choice! Such beautiful pictures of beautiful birds!
Both are great, it's difficult to choose, but I chose Kami, there was just something extra about that photo. :biggrin5:
Thanks everyone. :D The birds were sitting on me preening yesterday, Kami in my lap, so all the photos are off her - Lofty insisted on staying on my arm where I couldn't get a photo of her, and preening her tailfeathers in my face, lovely bird, lol. I got these ones of Kami that I love though:

And Lofty is completely obsessed with the seam on my cushions, lol:

I think the second Kami photo (in this post) is my favourite, at least for now, lol.
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More great shots :). I find it really hard to get good photo's of my tiel cause she never keeps still. :lol:
Lol, they were good last night. Usually Kami wants to perch on top of the camera and look down at the lens, and Lofty wants to eat the lens. XD
The second photo is my favorite as well. What an amazing picture.
I missed the voting. :( I pick Kami. LOL
I missed the voting too , buttt i love Lofty
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