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Hey Everyone!

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Hey guys! I'm caroline23 from TalkBudgies forum! :) I seen this site advertised there somewhere and I just had to check it out, :D (It's great by the way, haha) On TalkBudgies I was taking signature requests and I'm going to do that here as well. I'm going to make a separate thread later on so you guys can post your requests there. (My laptop is still currently in the shop. :/ I had major glitches and viruses on it, and I'm also getting a new keyboard for it.)

I just want to again say HI! to members I already know from TB and to new members here that I hope to meet in the near future!! :D

OH, and I'll be posting picture of my lovebird, Kiwi in the near future as well! xD , :)
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welcome caroline!,
ps: i dont think i can make it to your house tonight, my aunt isnt picking up her phone
Welcome! I will look for your siggy thread soon! Kiwi is lovely!
Hello Caroline, welcome :biggrin5:, Kiwi is lovely, such soft colouring :lovehearts:. I'll be checking out your siggy thread too :p
alright a sig maker!!! great I can't wait!!! I'm terrible at that stuff...welcome aboard!!!
I thought i'd throw in , she made mine ;)
Welcome aboard Caroline! Great to see you here!
yaaaa glad to have you here.cant wait for your computer to be fixed.:thumbsup:
Hi, this is critter mom from talk budgies. Looks like that gangs all here. LOL
Welcome! Another TB member :D

ps. I will deffinitely be requesting a new siggy :D
Haha, xD I can't wait to start making all these signatures! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, and for the nice comments about Kiwi! :)
Welcome Caroline! It's great to see you here as well :D
I'd like to throw in that she made my super awesome siggy as well.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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