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Hey hey!!!

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hello, birdy lovers, nice to meet you all! i'm annee from NC, and my fids are a lazy english budgie named stokes, and a dorky linnie named lentil (the rest in my sig are my bf's fids). they're the goofiest birds ever, and i can prove it! :lol:


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Hey Annee, glad you could make it! Your birdies are always adorable.

Hope to see 'ya around! :)
Hello there, Annee, you have great pics there, I especially like the one of Lentil taking some refreshment. :giggle:
I, too, love the one of Lentil. How does your linnie and budgie get along. I noticed both out together. I have to keep mine separate or it gets vicious.
thanks, all! :)
oddly enough, my two get along fine most of the time. i can leave them out together, they happily share perches, food and toys without a problem, and they have even climbed up on drink cups together before, lol. while i do put them in a cage together on occasion, i wouldn't trust them to be housed together permanently. also, lentil HATES all the other budgies and the 'tiel. it may be stokes' laid back lazy perch potato personality that makes it work, as he is a good bit more sedate than the other, american, budgies...
Welcome to the forums! Your birds are lovely! :lovehearts:
Wow, beautiful birds. That is great that lentil and stokes get along :) Welcome to the forums!
Nice to see you here! I love the one of Stokes just lounging on the wheel :lol: Lazy boy!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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