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Hey Its Stacey from Talkbudgies.....!

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Hi my names Stacey! Im from Newfoundland, Canada and like most if not all of you im an animal lover

I own 3 budgies

Mumble - Golden face Colbalt Male ( 2 years )

Mimzy - Cinnimon lime green female ( 2 )

and the newest

Chibi Chibi - YF2 sky blue ress.pied male ( about 10 months )

Besides them i own a Golden black masked Shih Tzu named Koda ( 5 years ) who is literally my best friend. And i breed 7 types of bettas and own hundreds of fish!
Im a active member of TB and i go by stacey101 also.

I love horse back riding , i ride both english and western ( mostly english tho as i love showjumping and im pretty good ! ) Im a cheerleader ( im the top), I sprint ( hold dozens of records) High jump and cross country. Besides that i do alot more sports. Anyways i plan on being an active member here as this is the 'beginning' so hope to see you all around!!
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Wow, do you have time to sleep? hehe you sure do keep busy! :p Welcome to TP, I'm excited to see where this forum goes :D
Hi stacy.glad to have you on talk parrots.
You are one busy young lady. Welcome.
Hi Stacey, welcome to the community! It was great to read about you. ;)

I can't wait to see pictures of your pets (especially Koda - I love Shih-Tzus! :D)
Hey Stacey! Glad you can join us. :)
Hiya Stacey. Nice to see lots of familiar faces around here.
Feels less like "just starting out."
Welcome, Stacey! Glad to be able to see more of your little ones!
Hi Stacey, good for you that you stay so active ;), you can never say you're bored with so much to keep you occupied thats for sure :p
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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