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Hey there, it's Aly

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Hey everyone.

It's Aly from talkbudgies.
Or my user name, which is Schnapperxx on there as well.

Great to see this awesome site up and loaded.
I'm sure this site is in for way more. :D
So excited, aren't you?
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Aly! :D Great to see you joined in too. Welcome!
hi and welome.there are alot of tb members here with the same name.:biggrin5:
Hey Aly, welcome to the community! :)
Welcome, Aly. I would love tho hear about what kind of birds you have. Since you came from TB I am thinking budgies for sure.
Hey Aly welcome aboard! Glad to see so many TB members coming over :D
Hello Aly, I think you're all having a TB reunion over here :lol:.
Glad to have you here Aly!​
Welcome to the forum. Pics of your birds would be nice :)
Hi there. Yep, I think this is going to be a great forum! I'm excited. :)

Looking foward to pics of your babies. :lovehearts:
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