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Hey there!

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Thought i'd better introduce myself, though i see a fair few familiar faces! :D

My name is Belinda and my flock has grown in the last 5 years to 10 indoor birds and about 25 aviary birds.

Inside we've got two budgie boys, Blinkie and Ozzie, with one of my current clutch of babies staying indoors too (i just have to make up my mind who). Then we've got the five tiels, Cookie, Bailee, Gracie, Snickers and Elsie, and the two green cheeks, Zoe and Savvy. :D

Outside there are three tiels, Sorcha, Butters and Lucy, and LOTS of budgies: Lime, Porkball, Pudding, Dibble, Flo, Mumble, Pandu, Casper, Mojo, Bee, Jelly, Squeak, Yahtzee, Domino, Jenga, Fizzy, Missy, Ellie, Spongebob, Scamp, Milo...i've probably forgotten someone, lol!

I've also had a couple of clutches of baby budgies recently! Mojo and Bee produced SEVEN little babies, and of those i've handreared six. Two are being bought by the vet clinic i work at to replace Butters and Lucy (tiels) in reception. We wanted some tame birds that would be friendly to clients, etc, and the tiels sure weren't! Two are going to a friend of mine, and one is going to a colleague. Which leaves me to choose between the last little hand reared boy who is darn cute, or the adorable Mr Chubbs who was raised by the other pair i set up. The second pair, Pudding and Scamp, had 6 eggs but only one hatched. They're still rearing the little cutie who i've named Cute's, lol. He'll live in the aviary when he's old enough. They've also gone and laid another egg without my permission, but i might let them keep it. :)

So that's my large flock of little parrots! :D Look forward to reading about everyone elses fids.
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Welcome, this is a great place to talk about our favorite subject:). Your birds are beautiful , cant wait to see more pictures
Hey Belinda, welcome to the community! Glad to have you. :)

Please enjoy your time. ;)
:mwelcometogrp:I can't wait to see pictures of your flock!
welcome to the flock

May I ask are your budgies english or american? I have a pair of english budgies and I cannot get them to breed any advice?
Welcome to the forum! Your babies sound adorable! :lovehearts:
welcome aboard!!!

May I ask are your budgies english or american? I have a pair of english budgies and I cannot get them to breed any advice?
My budgies are the regular pet type, as opposed to the show type you have (i don't like the terms english/american, budgies are Aussie, lol). :D I've never tried to breed show type budgies before, but i have heard they have a lower libido...
Welcome to TalkParrots! I would love to see some pictures of your flock! :)
:yikes: Thats a huge flock, you must be super busy there. :p
:welcome2: to the forum. :biggrin5:
Welcome to you and all your birds. They must keep you busy. How do you keep all those names straight?
Your flock sounds adorable. Love your green cheeks. :lovehearts:
Welcome to the flock and I thought I had alot of birds. I would have a hard time giving my babies away, then I would have alot like you. I have 20 birds.
Welcome to the forum! wow you have more than me. I can't wait to see more pics and hear about your village!
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