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Hi All!

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Hey a new site for all my birdies! 14 all told, although we are getting another green cheek conure tomorrow. We love gcc's they are so hands on and demanding and rewarding, real lap birds.
Here are various pics of most of our birds!


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Welcome to TP! I love your birds! 14 wow! Cant wait to see you around the form!
More of my birds...

Here are the rest of our babies!


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Welcome to the forum! I spy a parrotlet in there! :lol: beautiful birds!
Welcome to the forum! You have a beautiful flock! :)
Hello, welcome to the community. What a beautiful flock you have! Thanks for sharing. :)
Welcome, what a nice variety you have in your flock. Glad you are here
Hi there :) That's a big and beautiful flock you have there, I love your tiel and the rosey :lovehearts:
OOooooh I am jealous! What a beautiful flock :D Welcome to TP!
welcome to the flock!
Nice flock, they are beautiful.:yesnod:
Welcome to the forum! I'm inlove with Gccs myself aswell. Went from 1 - 5 in a short time with hopful babies later in the new year
Thank you all I am enjoying this forum!:)
Hi and welcome. Wonderful flock :biggrin5: I'm looking forward to more pics. :)
Hi there! I noticed your GCC right away. I want one really, really bad!

Beautiful flock! :lovehearts:
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