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Hi all

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I found out about this forum from Talk Cockaitels and wanted to come and check it out.

I have 4 cockatiels:
two girls Waltz and Samba.
2 boys Paddlepop and Dixie.

I also have a young male Sulphur Crested Cookatoo named Bonza.

Im looking forward to chatting with you all about of bird friends :)
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Welcome to the forum! Such beautiful birds! :hearts:
welcome to the flock
Welcome to TP! Glad to have you! Your birds are beautiful! I have a friend with a Sulphur Crested and she is sooo much fun! Loves to play Simon Says with me but she cheats by hanging upside down and laughing at me! Lol! She says Come on down pretty lady! Lol!
I look forward to meeting your parrots and seeing you around the forums!
Hello and welcome, kikee, you have a beautiful flock there, all native aussies I see. :biggrin5:
Welcome to TP! I cant wait to see you around the form :D
Hi and welcome! Your Cockatiels are so pretty!:)
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