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Hi All

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Hello forum...
Just found out about the new forum. As most of you already know me... I'm anna from so cal. I have 3 conures, 3 parrotlets and many many grass keets.
Looks to be a nice setup.

figured i'd add photos too :)

Some of the budgies:
there are too many for individual shots!

Zoe, Grover & Baby Boo

Rosa Bourkes:
Rosey & Posey

Spongebob & Sandy

Coco & Sheila & Kermit

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Welcome to the flock Anna!
Hey Anna, welcome to the forum! Glad you could make it. :)

Those baby photos are so cute! :D
Hi anna awsome flock:thumbsup:
Welcome :) You have so many pretty birds :)
Hi Anna! :)
Glad to see you here
Welcome to TP, You have beautiful birds :D
Welcome to the forum! Yours birds are beautiful! I especially like the Turquoisenes - never seen one before! :biggrin:
Hello and welcome, Anna, your flock is beautiful, do all your budgies have names, and do you remember them all? :p. Rosey and Posey are so pretty :lovehearts:
Welcome Anna! Love all of your babies!
welcome aboard!! great pics!!
Great to see you on line Anna! Beautiful pictures! I love the touquosines (sp?) they are gorgeous! What are they like?
Hi Anna good to see you here! Love the pics and its nice to see the conures are doing well! Th Rosey's are so pretty. They all are!
All your birds are absolutely beautiful!
Beautiful big flock. I especially like the Turquoisenes too. I'd love to hear more about them. :yesnod:
Thanks, the TQ's are very similar to the bourkes temperment. very mellow. he gets a bit more agressive come mating time, does a lot of plucking her!

yep, all the budgies have names & yep, i know them all.. most i bred.
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Hi welcome to the flock, your birds are so beautiful, your bourkes look like mine. What kind is the baby with the pin feathers? Vrey cute.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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