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Hi bird peeps!

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Just joined, havn't even looked around yet..thought I'd stop here first and say a little hello.soooooo....Hellooooooo! looking forward to meeting everybirdie..
peace and love...Hendryx..:lovehearts:
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Hey Bridie!

Welcome To TalkParrots!!! Cant wait to see you around the forms! :D
Glad to see you. My favorite bird mom. :hug:
Welcome!:welcome2:Looking forward to getting to know you and your flock
welcome to the flock
Hello and welcome, Bridie ( thats a real Irish name ) :)
Hello and welcome :biggrin5: Tell us about your bird(s) and we love pics.
Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup: Can't wait to meet your fids!
Thanx everyone for the warm welcomes! About my birds....I have 7 here's the list..
Grover- B&G Mac.
Elmo-GW Mac.
Gemma-Hanhs Mac.
Deaja-U2 X BE2
Monster-Hawkheaded parrot.

I also have 2 rescued birds atm looking for family's..a quaker and a half moon conure..
Will post pics soon,I need to buy a new usb cable for my cam!

Peace and love...Hendryx..
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Oh, what a fun sounding flock! You have a hawk-head? I'm jealous! :tongue: Can't wait to see photos!
Hi Bridie :welcome3: Get that cord soon, ok? :biggrin5:
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