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Hi everyone

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Hi everyone. Just thought I would introduce myself. I am a birdie mommy of a 2 year old linnie, named Rico. I am looking forward to meeting all of you!
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welcome to the flock!
feel free to show off Rico! :D we lovveee pictures
Welcome! I also have a Linnie & I'm looking for more. lol
Thanks for the warm welcome! Rico is truly the sweetest most amazing guy I have ever met!!!


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Aww, Rico is so cute! I love the photos you posted in the siggy thread, you should post them here too so everyone can see them! :wink:

Does he take baths in the sink for you? Wet birds are the cutest things ever! :hearts:
What a cutie pie! :lovehearts::lovehearts:
Sure! It was an experiment...he's okay with it but doesn't really enjoy it. He likes to be misted better! LOL!


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Wow, Rico is sooo beautiful! I love his colors, are they common?
Hi and welcome. I love the photos of Rico. He is a beautiful one!:)
Thank you! I am not sure if he's common or not! LOL! I just know that he's as sweet natured and smart as he is gorgeous! I am totally in love with him!
:cngrts:Rico is little beauty :lovehearts:I'm confused :shrug:, Rico is a slate linnie, right? the pics on the playpen ( my late budgie had the same one :( ), are of a cobalt linnie, no? Or has rico been photoshopped? :giggle:
No Sue he's a slate linnie...that's what I was told anyways!

I don't really like the play pen that much. He doesn't really play with any of the 'toys' on it just sits on the top and eats his seeds out of the bowl. Not really worth it in my experience, especially with the amount I paid for it!
Have you had the play gym and/or Rico a long time? I'm only asking because I was under the impression that you have gotten Rico fairly recently, and that might be incorrect. However, the reason I am asking is that I have found that neither of my birds played with new things when they were new to my home. I was afraid I had gotten my bourkes a totally incorrect cage when he first came home because he just sat around. Now he is all over the place and plays with everything available to him. Perhaps Rico will later make much better use of the play gym. Even if he doesn't, it is still the cutest thing - well, execpt, of course, for Rico himself. He is beautiful. Congratulations.
Hi Birdluvr.. Millie wouldn't go near the play stand until Niblet decided to investigate it. Now they love it. So it sat around doing nothing for ... let's see... using fingers to count.. eight months. So the fact that he's even on it is significant.

Rico is beautiful, I too, love his colours!
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