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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone,

Some may already know me from TalkBudgies.
For the ones who don't:
I'm Marit, I live in the Netherlands, and I have 1 lovebird, 5 budgies, 2 'tiels and 2 bunnies :biggrin5:
I am studying to be a veterinary assistant, which is going really well.
It's quite a time killer though, so I won't be online much :eek:

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Oh wow, that sounds like fun! Good luck in your studies! We'd love to see/hear more about your flock when you have the time :thumbsup:
Welcome Marit :) What a wonderful choice of career, it must be so interesting :thumbsup:
Hi Marit and welcome to the forum! Sounds like you're busy with school. Please share pics of your animals when you get a chance.;)
Hey Marit! Welcome to the site :) . Stop in when you can, and good luck with school.
Hey there! Nice to see you here. Good luck with school! Sounds like you are very busy right now. See you around here and please say hi to Tybo for me :)
Thanks everyone!! :) I said Hi to Tybo, Corina ;) He gives you a budgie-kiss back! :p
Welcome, Marit. What a lovely flock you have. And how great it is that you will be a vet assistant.
Welcome, Marit! :D Great to see you joined too.

Good luck with your Veterinary studies! :) That's awesome that you're going that career path. :p
Hey Marit, hmm seems strangely familiar LOL
Hello Marit, welcome to the community. 'Glad you could make it. :)

What a lovely career choice; very interesting indeed! :)
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