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Hi from Jenny's mom

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Hi to all. I am looking forward to all the exciting birds and people I will get to meet on this new forum. Jenny has so enjoyed her Linnie forum and has talked a lot about this new one, I just had to join in. She has learned a lot and enjoys hearing about all the cool birds and people out there. I can't wait to keep learning about one of my favorite animals, BIRDS!

I have my tow parrotlets, Jenny has her teil, two linnies and I will leave it to her to introduce her new member of the family.(I see she has already spilled the beans/ I am VERY happy for her and Goober)

I will post some pics once Jenny is here one night to help me. I stink at computers, still have a lot to learn>;)
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Hi Mom!! For now, here's a picture of Midge and Soleil. I'll have to get you a camera for your birthday so you can start filling up with your own bird pictures! :lol:


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Hello there, welcome to the community! It's nice to have you here. Jenny is a wonderful member and parront, so I'm sure you are just as superb.

Please enjoy your time. :)
Thanks, it is really cool to be on here with Jenny. I am looking forward to all I am going to learn, and to get to watch Jenny as she learns too.
welcome aboard!!! great to have ya on our team!
A mother and daughter team. That is great. Glad you are here.
Hello there Jenny's mom :). I know Jenny from the linnie forum, she's a very dedicated parront, she must have got that from you ;)
Welcome, I'm new myself just joined yesterday. Pull up a perch and start flapping your wings. The fun will surely follow. Don't feel alone at not being able to post pictures, I've tried for so long and I still can't do it.
I'm trying to see if I have my signature upload that Heidy made for me. Excust me guys
Your new sig looks great! :thumbsup:
Your new sig looks great! :thumbsup:
Yes, indeed it does! Nice job, Patty! :)
Parrotlets <3

I love them! Can we see pictures?
Welcome Chris. I also know Jenny from the Linnie Forum. She is a great parront and very knowledgable and helpful. I understand that your birds laid more eggs. How is that going?
We have no eggs now, but with the way our family is growing who knows????;)
Soon I will be bringing Angel home, my blue headed pionus. I am just waiting for my cage. It is taking too long!!!!:biggrin5: With Jenny's help I will post pics once she is home.
Hi there Jenny's mom. I wish my mom was into birds like i was. Lease she supports me with them
Hi Chris! Glad you joined us on the forums :)

Could you talk to my mom and tell her to get her butt on the forums, and that a Green Cheek Conure or Peach Faced Lovebird would be a fantastic addition to our family :D
Well, my mom wants to know "why ME?!" :rofl: Now she's in trouble!
Welcome to the forums! I wish my mom was into birds too!
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