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Hi everyone, I just joined. I'm also a member of Talk Tiels and have posted on Talk Budgies also.

I have 2 'tiels, Tweety and Piglet and 2 budgies, MJ and Cricket.

They're all in my siggy. :)
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Aw, I love the white budgie (I am not familiar with mutations :p), such a pretty bird :)

Wonderful flock, welcome to TP :)
Beautiful birds! Welcome to Talk Parrots! :)
Hi Lisa, I'm not familiar with mutations either. :rolleyes: That's MJ, the tamer of the two.

Corina, I love your blog. Great pic of the "bowl of budgies". :lovehearts:
Welcome to the forums! Your birds are gorgeous! Enjoy, and I'll see you around! :D
Hi and welcome, Deb, you have a really cute flock. :biggrin5:
welcome to the flock!
Welcome to you and your birds. I love the coloring in your budgies.
Tiel Talk (tt) eh, Trying to remember you from there but kinda clueless but i do believe i've seen pictures from there.

Welcome to the forum btw. Your tiels are beautiful! and love your rec. pied budgie!
Thanks all, this is such a nice forum!

I haven't posted a lot over a Talk 'Tiels.

Which one is my recessive pied? MJ? (Blue and white?) :rolleyes:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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