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Hello everyone. I'm happy to be part of theis forum to share and learn from each other.;)
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welcome to the flock! glad to have you here
I''m new too and love it all ready!

Thanks guys. What do the stars mean?

The starts are like a points system i believe. As you post more they increase.

Nick will correct me if im
:welcome3:, Mir, pull up a chair and try to keep up with the posts :giggle:, I'm struggling here, it's a fast growing community.:lol:
Welcome to talkparrots! :D
Thanks guys. What do the stars mean?
Hey Mir, welcome to the community! :)

The stars don't mean much of anything; you just earn more stars as you make more posts on the forum. It's merely a symbol of users' participation.
Thanks bird lovers for your warm welcome. I'm happy to be here.
Welcome Mir. Do you have birds? If so, we love pics. :)
Welcome! :d
Yes, I do have birds. I have a breeding pair of Cockatiels-Aussie and Stella. I'll send pics as soon as I figure out how on this site. I tried the other night,but my id pic was too large and didn't work. I also hand raise all their babies. I have a cobalt Linnie that's a biter(need to talk about this later). The breeder is going to replace her for me as I haven't had any luck taming her since January. I own 2 green budgies-Kazi and Kiwi-too cute and a pair of canaries. Phew! I have lots of stories and experiences to share with you all believe me. I actually grew up in Australia for those of you that come from there and I live in Canada with hubby of 36 years, 2 married sons and a beautiful little granddaughter- 2 hyears old.
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Welcome to our flock. :welcome:Looking forward to seeing pics of your gang
Welcome Mir! Its nice to see another grandma in the bunch. I have a 5 yr. old granddaughter. You have quite the flock! I look forward to hearing all about them. I hope you enjoy it here at TP. Its great to have you on board!:biggrin5:
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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