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Hi every one

My name is Nat , i live in Sydney , married with kids
right now I have
2 dogs , 2 cats
3 cockatoos
1 major
8 galahs
1 short billed corella missing and eye
7 bush budgies - 2 are blue
2 bourke parrots
2 princess parrots
1 ring neck
a few cockatiels
2 love birds
a few lorikeets

A few days ago some not very nice people desided that they wanted my birds . there is a reward for the return of them
Pair of King Parrots - male is pied and on a special diet
2 princess parrot hens - both with leg rings 1 green 1 blue
1 Rosa bourke - childs show bird
1 cinnamon pink bourke - childs show bird
any one with info please email me
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Oh my! Someone stole your birds? That's horrible! :(
Welcome to the forums, and that is horrible!

I can't understand people who do that :(
welcome to the flock!
i cant believe someone is that evil ! good luck
Welcome! your flock is so diverse!

So rry for your loss, i hope you find them...
Oh Nat, how horrible. I can only imagine how you must feel wondering where they are. :(

I hope someone somewhere comes forth with some information so you can get them back.
Hiya Nat great to see you here mate. Say hello to Chopper and Eric for me.
Welcome to the forums! It's awful they stole birds from you :mad: Why would they do that!? I really hope you find them back soon..

Feel free to post some pictures of your flock! I would love to see them, especially the cockatoos!
there is a few videos on my face book page - Natalee Miller
I'll get some pics posted for you all
Hi Nat, welcome. I'm so sorry someone stole your birds, people can be so rotten. :mad: I hope you get them back soon, and may the thieves be riddled with scaley face mites. :soapbox:
Welcome to the forum, Nat. I'm so sorry to hear aboutyour loss! What area do you live in, so we can keep our eyes and ears open?
I'm in western sydney australia
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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