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Stumbled across your board and thought I would join. My name is John and I have been a bird owner since 1980.
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Welcome John! :)
It's great to have you on here.
Don't forget to post pics of your birds on here, we love birdie pics :D
Yes we just love pictures!

Welcome to TP!
hey john...are those your Too's in your avatar?
Yes those are my TOOs. Tika and Amanda. Thanks for the welcome. What is the scoop on pictures. Can we post them right on the board or just links?? If we can is there a size limit?
I use the manage attachment link below a message. There are size restrictions but they also offer a free resizer that you can install.
Welcome to the forum :yesnod:
Welcome, John. I think I know you from somewhere.
welcome to the flock!
Hello John :). Welcome to the flock. :biggrin5:
Welcome to the flock, John! Your toos are gorgeous! To post pictures you can use the manage attachment button or you can put an img code right in the post, just be mindful of the size :wink: Can't wait to see more photos!
Thank you. I'll just put up my siggy for now.
Hi Sugar!! Welcome,welcome!! I just joined too!! Now get your butt over to my intro and welcome me!!! lol...big hugs...
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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