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I'm am probably getting a green cheek conure ;D

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Ok, so I've decided to save up for a green cheek conure.

It might take a while but when I bring him home I want to be prepared!

1. One question I have is do male conures bond better with female owners and and the other was round?
Seeing as I'm female would I be better off getting a male or female conure?
Are there any major differences between them?

2. I have a cage that is 14 inches by 14 inches and it's very tall.
Would it be suitable for having the conure in 6 hours a day 5 days a week, or should I upgrade?

3. This is a big question:
I was at a parrot breeders learning about GCC's personality, ect, and asked about how much they'd cost.
He wouldn't give me a straight answer or even a rough idea (trying to get me interested, then he'll tell me the price!! :lol:)

Does anyone know about how much a maroon bellied or green cheek conure would cost in New Zealand???

4. Whats they're diet consist of?

Thanks so much!!
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Hi, and good for you on choosing a conure! I don't know prices, sorry. I do know cages. 14x14 is way too small. You will want no less than 18x22+ tall.
Their diet is your choice. Some folks like pellets only, some say pellets and a good small hookbill mix, plus veggies, grains, sprouts if you like doing that. Ours get fruit daily, mostly an apple slice or red grapes. They will eat scrambled eggs, toast with butter or peanut butter, pasta, you name it! You will find out what they like as you go along.
Conures here are $250 to $300 for green cheeks and Maroon belly's a bit more than that!
I prefer hen birds, just better experiences for me. :)

I'd say get the biggest cage you can afford. :) I don't know prices where you are. lol Good luck.
I have a female green cheek conure named Kiwi. She is in a larger cockatiel sized cage... not sure on the dimensions but it's at least 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall. She loves it! I personally wouldn't put a conure in anything smaller then 18 inches by 18 inches... and that's with plenty of out of cage time.

Kiwi is DNA'd female and has a preference for me (I'm a girl). She does like my husband, and has chosen some nights to hang out with him.... but it is very obvious she prefers me. 99.9% of the time she wants to be cuddling with me, then with him. So I don't think a bird's sex affects the ability to bond with it's owner. My parrotlet, Jack, is a boy and he prefers me, but I spent the most time with him when we first got him.

In terms of diet, I feed both my birds a mash of several minced fresh veggies, some fruit, and cooked and sprouted grains for breakfast. After 4 hours, I remove any leftovers (usually there are none) and give them their pellets (Zupreem cockatiel size natural). I also hide about a teaspoon and a half of seed goodies in their foraging toys. In the evenings, they may get more mash or whatever I feel like offering them. Tonight I gave them some mash to share, as well as a few bites of our whole wheat tortilla wraps (we had beef taco burritos). Their pellets were left in their cages until we went to bed. The night before I offered them some sprouted grains. And the night before that I offered them some banana and apples. So their evening snack usually varies to keep up interest and fun.

Sometimes this schedule changes, depending on my shifts at work. Most mornings I work a 4 hour shift, so I can give them their mash for breakfast... but tomorrow I work 8 hours so they will get their pellets and seeds for breakfast, and then mash in the evening when we have supper.

I like to offer a variety of foods, including pellets, to give the birds a varied diet. I believe that variety is best in keeping a bird healthy

In Canada, green cheeks cost about 120 to 175... and the other fancier mutations can be up to $600.
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Yeah I'm in Canada & my YSGCC cost $450.00 lol But the regular GC's are not as much. :)
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