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I'm getting my new Maroon Bellied conure soon!!! :)

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It's been a while since my budgie went missing, and I didn't think it would, but the time has come when I think I need another bird.:yesnod:
I've been doing heaps and heaps of research on conures, and last night I suddenly found 2 handraised maroon bellied conures for sale at $200!
Immediately I contacted the breeder and before I knew it I had a baby reserved for me! They're so adorable, I'm in love! :lovehearts:
He is sending off the DNA test and the results should be back in 7-10 days.
I wanted to try and get a male (for some reason I like male pets)
but if there's just 2 females I wont be disappointed at all!:giggle:
I'm already looking at new cages, but he/she might have to make do with my old budgie cage for a few days (which is quite big, enough for the short term at least) because I'm still trying to find enough money for the bird, next up will be the cage (a nice big one!) :lol:

I can't believe that I'm actually getting a Maroon bellied conure! It's so exciting!:cinnamongcc1:(couldn't find a picture of an MBC so I have an CGCC :rofl:)
I felt a bit guilty at first, thinking that I wasn't being kind on my budgie who could still be out there, but I know that my little budgie hated it when I was sad, and he'd want me to be happy.

And I'm sure I'll be more than happy with the new bird! :yesnod:


One of the babies is in the attachment!:lol:


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Don't feel bad, it's how some people cope with losing a bird. :hug:

Congrats to you on your new fid, this is very exciting for you, I'm excited for you! I can't wait to hear more about him/her. :biggrin5: Adorable photo by the way. :lovehearts:
Congrats Ella, you won't be disappointed at all. You'll wonder how you ever lived without her/him let me tell you. LOL
They ARE lovely looking birds!!!:)
Congrats, Ella! They're adorable! You'll do great!
Congratulations! When do you get the bird? He/she looks really cute :biggrin5:
I get her/him next week hopefully!
The days have never seemed to pass so slowly!
Yay! hope it goes quick for you. :biggrin5:
:congr8:, he/she is lovely :lovehearts:. You're in for a lot of fun :lol:
Thanks guys!

I've just brought him/her a nice big cage waaaay over the reccomended cage size!
I want my little baby to get the best of everything, man is he/she going to get spoiled rotten :lol:

Time is going so slowly.

First I have to wait 10 days for the DNA, then the shipping......

How am I going to survive that long??!!
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