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I'm losing hope for Mr Tinkles' safe return :(

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As most of you will know my beautiful, treasured budgie Mr Tinkles went missing 6 days ago on Monday.
I haven't given up hope yet, but it's fading fast.

With every night I am less and less confident he will be coming back to me.:(

If he wasn't found by someone, he wouldn't have survived 6 days without food.

My biggest feeling is that someones picked up a little bird, possibly miles away from where he was lost, and someones gone 'oh, a sick little budgie, lets nurse it back to health and take it to the SPCA (where I sometimes work, and they know me) :)' or something like that, or they've gone 'oh this budgie is so cute, its tame, it talks, its really pretty...lets keep it! :mad:'

Even if they decide to keep it at least he'd be safe, and thats all that really matters. Of course I miss him so so so much, but I have to face the facts, and if he's safe and healthy, that's fine with me (okay I admit it, I really want him back :().

I go to bed thinking about him every night, my house is just so lonely without him.
Such a little bird has changed my life in such a big way. :yesnod:

He was found almost dead in a petshop, and it was a miracle he survived.
I just hope another miracle can happen, and bring him back safe.
Mr Tinkles made me believe in miracles, and I still do now. :lovehearts:

All hope may be fading day by day, but it's not going to be lost!

Thank you for your support all through this tough time, and I just hope all your praying and hope pays off.

Thank you, : ) :hug:
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Oh Ella, this is so sad. :( Please don't lose hope.

My nine-year-old cockatiel flew away two years ago this month, and I he never came back. He stayed around the neighborhood for a day or two, but he could never be caught.
Instead of me thinking of it is "he's gone forever", I always tell myself that somebody found him, and he's with a nice family, getting spoiled, eating birdie treats, and loving life.
Ella my heart goes out to you. :hug: I also hope he's happy where he is and healthy.
Oh Ella, my heart's breaking for you. :hug:
It must be so hard for you.. :hug:
It's more than hard, its absolutely heart breaking.
I had him for less than a year, but I loved him like I'd owned him forever.

It's so lonely not coming home and hearing him usual greeting of 'I'm a good boy!' or 'hello pretty'

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