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I'm ready for my close-up

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I was taking some pics of the birds, trying to get some good close ups so here's my silly Zoe's :lol: She is so funny!


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AW! I just adore blue crowns! I almost got one instead of my linnie, but chose a linnie due to noise level :lol: I've had a birdie 'crush' on these guys since seeing the movie Polly as a kid!
Oh my! i Love Blue Crowns. There was one for sale here but i honestly don't have the room or time for anymore birds right now.

I love the first and last pictures. She looks good and healthy
Ah! Just look at that! :lovehearts: She's a real comic! :giggle:
Zoe is just about the prettiest Blue Crown I have ever seen.
Oh my goodness!
what a cutie you have there
Blue crowns are so funny; Zoe is no exception! :p

I love pictures 4 and 5 the best. :lol:
Awww Zoe is a cutie alright, the camera loves her right back :lovehearts:
She is a pretty one at that!:lovehearts:
A little *too* close for a closeup, Zoe. :rolleyes: Zoe is quickly becoming one of my favorite birds. She seems to have such a big personality! :D Very adorable, thank you for sharing. :)
Thanks everyone! She is funny and makes me smile everyday. I'll have to get some video of her. She loves to say peek-o-boo. Sometimes she says peek over and over again before she says a-boo. It's pretty funny! I taught her to say peek-a-boo when she wants me instead of screaming for me. You see, she's a real mama's girl and wants to be with me all the time. The minute I leave the room, she's wondering where I am. She calls out peek-a-boo. Oh she does do her share of screaming but it's not as bad as it could be. She loves to chatter all day long and laugh. There's alway some noise in my house until the twins and the conures go to bed.:lol:
She is so cute! She looks so curious about everything!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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