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Xena, a Jendaya conure, has been the only bird in our home for the past four years, although I'm aware the home she came from had a large number of birds.

She is flighted and free in our three story home, which she navigates with ease. She lives in a hanging guinea pig bed set up in a crate on our buffet, as she is toeless and can't be in a traditional cage. My partner is home 100% and she is close to both of us, friendly with our children. She dominates our dogs.

My neighbour has a young Quaker (under 10) that is mostly cage-bound. I believe he's not handled frequently, always alone. They are moving and have asked me to adopt him. I am tempted to; I think if I start him in my second floor office (the door is open but Xena has never claimed that space) he can adjust to our lifestyle and she can get used to his existence ... and take it from there.

Am I consigning myself to hell or could this be a beautiful thing?
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